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Phantom Cam

  1. Real Estate Photographer
    Antonio Campagna
    9 Years As A Professional Real Estate Photographer

Flying High In The Sky capturing your propertys features with Aerial Views!

My 3-legged assistant keeping your photos straight and true!

 About Me

My Experience And Goals To Help You Better Market Your Listings.

Starting in 1986 my passion for photography and video tape editing turned my hobby into a part-time business.  My business at that time consisted of professionally transferring 8mm, 16mm movie film and photographs to video tape. I also made special events videos for monster truck, motorcycle and martial arts events.
As technology changed with computers and digital photography, I realized that to keep up with the changing times I must also change my application of photography and video.  While continuing my search for the right application to direct my photography skills it occurred to me the perfect fit would be to create virtual tours for real estate.